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NOBE is an Estonian construction company. Since 2000, we have provided building contracting services and concrete work. We prepare intricately designed structures, commercial facilities, and private residences.

We are one of the few construction companies with its own design unit. Because of this we can offer clients flexible solutions from design to completion.

Our foundation has added knowledge, skills, and experience to the portfolio. We are inspired by every job - and each job has to be the best in its own time.

We would like to offer smart, highly detailed, well-thought-out building solutions. The smarter we are, the better we build. Smart is our motto.

Our experience since the year 2000

We have been active on the Estonian construction market since the year 2000. The company has 150 employees, of whom 25 work in our Finnish subsidiary NOBE Rakennus OY. We offer clients a service that covers all stages of the building process from planning to construction. To ensure quality, we make sure our quality, environmental, and safety systems meet ISO and OHSAD standards. This is confirmed to us by the relevant certificates issued by BVC.


2000 – Mapri Projekt OÜ was established
2005 – joined the Nordecon Group
2009 – the company was renamed Nordecon Betoon OÜ
2010 – established out subcontracting and concrete work subsidiary Estcon OY, Finland
2017 – created Nordecon Betoon's trademark NOBE
2018 – NOBE brand was launched in Finland. Estcon OY business name was changed to NOBE Rakennus OY.


Our goal is to increase the value of our client's assets with smart building solutions. We want to be the best, smartest building company in Estonia and the Nordic countries. To become a builder that one can safely entrust with the most unique, innovative, and complicated projects. We strive for a superior performance each day. Our work and dealings are based on three core values: trust, flexibility, and creativity.

We carry out the projects entrusted to us with a high quality of construction and according to the agreed upon time and budget plan. We draw on our experience to solve complex tasks and possible problems with the customer's interest, with the best outcome in mind. Due to this, we have earned the trust of both the group and its competitors, who entrust us with the most important tasks.

We value open communication and cooperation. We always try to take into account the wishes of clients and to find smart solutions to execute them. To achieve the best possible outcome, we are also ready to change the initial construction plans.

We appreciate fresh thinking, and minds that are always searching for flexible and smart solutions. To carry out the most unique visions, we use our practical experience and innovative mindset. This is how we are able to implement all of your ideas.


In order to ensure quality, the company has quality, environmental, and work safety management systems, which meet ISO and OHSAS standards. This is confirmed by BVC issued certificates. All of our employees have the necessary knowledge, skills, and lengthy work experience in their field. Every day we carry out our work so that future generations will be proud of us. Every day we carry out our work so that future generations will be proud of us. We have goals, ambition, know-how, and the strong support of the experienced team. We can help bring these to life with the highest quality.

Environmental management

Construction activities impact the environment. To prevent any potential negative effects, we monitor and observe compliance with all environmental requirements. We prefer partners with an environmentally conscious worldview, and we have received an ISO 14001 certificate. NOBE's environmental management policies raises staff awareness of environmental issues and fulfils laws and other requirements. The results are obtained by effective engineering solutions and sustainable use of resources.

Quality management

NOBE's management's objective is to ensure that all parties are in compliance, with smooth cooperation between the two. Our management system is based on running the company's ongoing processes, which support its functional structure. Construction is carried out on a project basis. Planning and goal setting is done according to the agreed upon contract and the company's management handbook. The company has achieved an ISO 9001 certificate. NOBE's quality management policies ensure the continuous improvement of the management system, improvement, service development, and innovation. We also openly inform the public of our activities and achievements, mapping pre-contract business and offering solutions and a quality level of service.

Safety management

Building is a high-risk industry. We have to pay special attention to educating our workers and training them about health and safety issues. The company has received an ISO 45001 certificate. NOBE work health and safety policies support the worker's personal development, motivation, and the creation of an inspiring working environment. We also work to raise our workers and partners' understanding of environmental and work safety problems and their personal responsibilities in solving them.