NOBE is an Estonian construction company. Since 2000, we have provided building contracting services and concrete work.


We carry out the projects entrusted to us with a high quality of construction and according to the agreed upon time and budget plan. We draw on our experience to solve complex tasks and possible problems with the customer's interest, with the best outcome in mind.

We value open communication and cooperation. We always try to take into account the wishes of clients and to find smart solutions to execute them. To achieve the best possible outcome, we are also ready to change the initial construction plans.

We appreciate fresh thinking, and minds that are always searching for flexible and smart solutions. To carry out the most unique visions, we use our practical experience and innovative mindset. This is how we are able to implement all of your ideas.



We build so-called tailor-made residential and office buildings. Our goal is a high quality, smart, modern solutions, and adherence to agreed upon budgets and time schedules.


In the area of concrete work we are a recognized player. We use our broad experience in the construction of all kinds of buildings. We always take into account our clients wishes, hopes, and needs, as well as the technological requirements of the concrete work.


Agricultural construction is an important area of activity for NOBE, where we own a leading share of the market. The basis for this is long-time experience, detailed competence, and a wide spectrum of service offerings.


We are one of the few companies that has its own design unit. Therefore we and our clients both have an overview of the building process. We wish to contribute to the construction process already in the design stage, so that we can offer our clients the most time and resource-efficient solutions.


In order to bring ideas to life, NOBE is always open as a company to active people who have ideas.

If you would like to join the NOBE team, or have an interesting project to propose, please contact:

Phone +372 514 6565

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Art and culture created with devotion makes life more enjoyable. This in turn inspires our own creativity and gives us fresh perspectives on everyday work activities. With this principle in mind, we are pleased to support beautiful, unique, innovative, and devoted cultural and artistic projects.

Sound sculpture „CROMATICO”