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Rocca al Mare School’s outdoor class School of Athens”

Idea: Hans Hubert Sams
Design: Emil Urbel and Hans Hubert Sams
Project leader: RaM School development fund
Year of Completion: 2017

“School of Athens,” or an outdoor amphitheater class, is the winner of students’ “Cool Break” competition to find ways to diversify the learning environment. The amphitheater seats over a hundred people, where one can carry out lessons, put on plays, play instruments or hold choir practice.

The author is student Hans Hubert Sams, the school architect Emil Urbel finished the design, and NOBE constructed it.


Art and culture created with devotion makes life more enjoyable. This in turn inspires our own creativity and gives us fresh perspectives on everyday work activities. With this principle in mind, we are pleased to support beautiful, unique, innovative, and devoted cultural and artistic projects.


German sound artist and sculptor Lukas Kühne has tried to cleverly connect space and sound. The resulting sculptures born from these efforts resonate with the right pitches and harmonies.

Lukas Kühne on our cooperation: „I am as satisfied with the results as one can be! From the very start, I felt that all of the parties took on their responsibilities with joy and dedication. No compromises were made. Many thanks for this!”

Sound sculpture „ORGANUM”

Location: Hailuoto Island, Finland
Client: Hai Art
Author: Lukas Kühne
Year of Completion: 2014

In a vacant part of the island stands the lovely „Organum” or singing sculpture. It consists of three interconnected concrete domes, each of which has certain resonant and acoustic characteristics. A phenomenal place to experience architecture, nature, sound, acoustics, space, and silence.

Sound sculpture „TVISÖNGUR”

Location: Seyðisfjörður, Island
Client and author: Lukas Kühne
Year of completion: 2012

Located on a hillside, this magical sound sculpture consists of five, interconnected concrete domes of different sizes. Each dome resonates as one of the five pitches and is based on tvisöngur, the Icelandic folk music harmony.

Photos: Gudmundur Oddur Magnusson

Sound sculpture „CROMATICO”

Location: Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
Client: SA Tallinn 2011
Author: Lukas Kühne
Year of Completion: 2011

„Cromatico,” winner of the 2011 concrete construction competition, is a sensuous, moving, acoustic sound sculpture. It perfectly illustrates the relationship between sound and space. The 12-chamber configuration corresponds to the chromatic musical scale, which has influenced musical culture from the baroque era to present day.

Concrete Sofas, a Greater-Lasnamäe art project

Authors: Loreida Hein and Kard Männil
Location: Kivila Park and beside the Kumu Art Museum
Year of Completion: 2014

A concrete sofa is comfort poured from concrete – similar to Lasnamäe. Both function, despite the doubts of skeptics. In contrast to life in Lasnamäe, anyone can enjoy the comforts of these couches. The city art event Greater-Lasnamäe brought to Tallinn‘s largest district, Lasnamäe, 11 contemporary pieces that refresh the eyes, garnering the interest of residents in the cityscape.


Trad.Attack! has properly turned the Estonian musical landscape on its head. The ensemble has brought folk music to the big stage and has built a modern soundscape around archaic sounds. It’s often said that the three-piece band’s sound is so expansive, it’s as if there were many more people on stage.


Sõru Jazz

Sõru Jazz is one joyful party with a big happy family in beautiful Hiiumaa. Festival offers a fine selection of the best music for different type of taste from Estonia and abroad. You can enjoy the soft sound of small jazz groups but also energetic beat of groups in a size of an orchestra. Sõru Jazz – a breath of fresh seabreeze and tasteful music.

Lighthouse Concert

Lighthouse Concerts near Lake Peipsi at Rannapungerja river bring together music friends from all over Estonia. This 2-day minifestival offers a great variety of quality music from well-known musicians – pop, rock, jazz, blues and folk for enjoying with Your whole family.