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We offer clients full building services - this covers all building processes from design to construction.

Our foundation has added knowledge, skills, and experience to the portfolio. We are inspired by every job - and each job has to be the best in its own time.

Building contractors and project management

We build so-called tailor-made residential and office buildings. Our goal is a high quality, smart, modern solutions, and adherence to agreed upon budgets and time schedules..

• Production and storage facilities
• Office buildings
• Parking garages
• Manufacturing facilities
• Shopping centers
• Apartment houses

Concrete work

In the area of concrete work we are a recognized player. We use our broad experience in the construction of all kinds of buildings. We always take into account our clients wishes, hopes, and needs, as well as the technological requirements of the concrete work. Our advantage is a very good design team. Our intelligent engineers support our site managers and skilled workmen at a high level.

• Industrial installations
• Parking garages
• Post-tensioned concrete solutions
• Foundations
• Bridges, viaducts, tunnels
• Concrete tanks
• Concrete floors

Agricultural construction

Agricultural construction is an important area of activity for NOBE, where we own a leading share of the market. The basis for this is long-time experience, detailed competence, and a wide spectrum of service offerings.
We offer full services from design through building construction, covering all work phases. At the same time we can advise clients on the ARIB application process and obtaining the necessary approvals.
Thanks to experience and good cooperation with equipment suppliers, we can offer a reasonable schedule, flexible payment plans, proper management, and long-term guarantees.

• Barns
• Manure tanks
• Round containers
• Silos and feeding tanks
• Grain complexes
• Fish-raising facilities
• Biogas stations and storage tanks


We are one of the few companies that has its own design unit. Therefore we and our clients both have an overview of the building process. We wish to contribute to the construction process already in the design stage, so that we can offer our clients the most time and resource-efficient solutions. Also we can work to operationally improve the project. The NOBE design team provides support for the entire construction process - this is the best solution for the conscientious customer.

• Constructive design
• Post-tensioned concrete solutions
• Project design